Lakeview Square Dental Office Latest News /blog/ BlogEngine.NET en-US /blog/opml.axd Lakeview Square Dental Office Lakeview Square Dental Office 0.000000 0.000000 Make Oral Health a Priority <p>Welcome to our first “BLOG SPOT” focused on your oral health and your overall health.</p> <p>Let us help you make your family’s oral health a priority!</p> <p>Floss. Brush. Rinse. The three easiest and most practical ways to start with oral care at home.</p> <p>PARENTS: Make it fun.</p> <p>KIDS: Get it done :-)</p> <p>Visit your oral care team today. The dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant and dental therapist are excited to see you! Until next time, keep smilin'</p> /blog/post/2015/06/05/saskatoon-oral-health.aspx /blog/post/2015/06/05/saskatoon-oral-health.aspx#comment /blog/post.aspx?id=125d2c2a-189f-4a3c-aabb-c6c9eda2dc89 Fri, 05 Jun 2015 15:25:00 -0600 Oral Care lsdo /blog/pingback.axd /blog/post.aspx?id=125d2c2a-189f-4a3c-aabb-c6c9eda2dc89 0 /blog/trackback.axd?id=125d2c2a-189f-4a3c-aabb-c6c9eda2dc89 /blog/post/2015/06/05/saskatoon-oral-health.aspx#comment /blog/syndication.axd?post=125d2c2a-189f-4a3c-aabb-c6c9eda2dc89